We will soon be launching our app in play store. Thank you for your patience. Please subscribe to us and we will let you know the details eventually.

Here's Something exciting about Our Exclusive App !

Create an Account .

Here the user or the Customer first needs to create an account
to access his home-appliances

Sign IN .

After successfuly creating the account,
the user or the customer needs to login with his username and password.
After logging into the account he/she can start using the APP.


After successfuly logging into the account
customer will be redirected to the SMARTOUSE DASHBOARD
where he can manage his home-appliances
( Light/Fan/A.C/Pump)


Customer gets the benifit of SMART-FENCE which is being embedded in this app Such that it helps in setting a virtual radius to the customer which helps customers automatically switch on-off the home-appliances that he selected.


One of the Exciting Feature is SMART-ALARM that A CUSTOMER can set according to his choice of Time. By setting an alarm for a device the app automatically turn on an home-appliance and will also automatically stop it.